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Interview with our customers – The International Institute for Industrial Environmental Economics

We asked one of our customers some questions: Jessika RichterThe International Institute for Industrial Environmental Economics.

Since the fall of 2022, we have been assisting Jessika and her team in recruiting research participants to different focus groups about the environment, and the changes people are willing to make to reduce their carbon footprint. The focus groups are a part of the EU-projekt 1.5-lifestyles, a large international project. Jessika and her team are conducting a total of three focus groups, where each focus group is a whole day. At this time, June 2023, two out of three focus groups have been conducted, and the third one is scheduled for October 2023. 

Other than recruiting a group that’s representative in regards to gender, age, rural/urban living, income and education, the researchers also wanted the group to contain both people within “the green bubble” and outside it. Meaning, the researchers didn’t want the group to exclusively be people who are engaged in environmental issues, but also people who haven’t made any changes in their daily life due to the climate changes.

The interview

– Why were you in need of recruitment through Trialy?

“We were in need of a diverse range of citizens meeting certain criteria for our focus groups and workshops, as part of an academic research project.”

– How do you experience the cooperation with Trialy on a daily basis?

“The cooperation with Trialy has been amazing! Trialy has responded to our recruitment needs with really smooth, fast and professional communication. They have really done well in understanding what we needed, troubleshooting challenges, and helping us ensure a positive outcome in the recruitment process.”

– If you were to describe Trialy’s service to another researcher, what would you say?

“I actually have already recommended Trialy to other researchers! We have found the responsiveness and support from Trialy extremely helpful and we are very satisfied with the selection of participants they were able to recruit for our research.”

The focus group planned for October is already completely booked, but one can still sign up as a successor (the focus groups are held in swedish) here: