With Trialy, we get a pre-screening, meaning we can sort out a bunch of irrelevant candidates by the questions that we can construct and adjust. The recruitment process is more efficient and we get a more representative sample of the study population. We also, in a greater extent, reach those who haven’t been treated for their condition before.

Stine Störsrud
Research nurse

Many clinical trials are delayed due to lack of suitable participants. The administrative work of recruiting takes months and a lot of time and energy from your staff. Trialy does the job for you – and delivers pre-screened research participants who’e already expressed an interest in your study.

How does it work?

Analysis & preparations

We analyze your study, it's criteria and your recruitment needs. Then we create a study specifik landing page with a unique application form.

Advertisement & Screening

We advertise through chosen social channels, panels and via email. Those who apply to the study are screened in the application form and are directly informed if they match the criteria of the study or not.

Delivery & Contact

You get access to the contact information of the matched participants, through a secure database. You can then easily reach out to the participants and include them in your study.

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Project manager

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