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Recruitment of healthy participants to a study about diabetes


Target group: Healthy people with low intake of fluids
Area: Skåne
Date: 2018 – current
Customer: Lunds Universitet

Since 2018, Trialy has worked together with a research group from Lunds University that’s looking into if you can prevent the risk for diabetes, simply by increasing your daily water intake. In the study, the researchers are looking for participants in the ages 20-75, living in Skåne, who have a low daily intake of fluids. The visits take place at Kliniska Forskningsenheten in Malmö. 

With customized digital marketing, Trialy quickly reached the target group of the study within Skåne. The ads were primarily shown on social media and has so far reached over 400 000 residents of Skåne. The applications are pre-screened, meaning that they are sorted as passed or failed according to the criteria of the study. The applicants are directly informed whether they pass or not. 

During the cooperation, Trialy has contributed with an increased and stabile recruitment of participants to the study. Continuing contact between Trialy and the customer ensures that we only recruit as many people as the research group has capacity to handle. We can increase or decrease the flow of applications as needed. The research team also mentions another positive aspect of working with Trialy, and that is that they get in contact with a larger variation of research participants than they would on their own.

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