For researchers

Trialy is the service that helps you get through the recruitment phase of your study. We divide the recruitment process into three easy steps:

1. Through ads on trialy.se, search engines and social media, we reach your target group of potential research participants and start spreading information about your study.

2. With smart application forms we gather applications from those who are interested in the study. Our algoritm then pre-screens every application and marks them as either matching of the criteria or not matching. 

3. You get access to a secure database where we collect the contact information to those who match the criteria of the study. All you have to do is schedule the first appointment! 

Trialy is a limited company, originally founded by Adam Hultin and owned by Enkätfabriken AB.

Trialy is a service for all those who work with some kind of research and are in need of participants. We recruit people to both pharmaceutical-, psychology- and social studies. Both in the academic and private sector.

Who in your organization that becomes our contact person varies. It can be a research nurse who want to find a more efficient way of recruiting, or someone responsible for a study who is worried about the impact a failed recruitment might have. 

We take care of the most time consuming part of the recruitment process – to reach out to patients, research participants and those interested in the study.

A digital recruitment process creates a clear structure which helps planning and using the resources at hand. This lowers the risk for missed deadlines and delayed publication.

We also handle the administration of financial incentives, as well as guidance in the planning and design of the recruitment.

We show our ads of your study in search engines and social media. We mostly work with Google and Meta, but we will adjust our channels to the target group you want to reach. We also have our own panel of registered research participants who we can reach directly.

With a great variation, we can make sure that you fill your quota. That’s why our service is always covered by a guarantee – you only pay for the matching participants.

Each year, organizations and companies re-direct their funds from traditional to digital marketing. If the goal is to recruit research participants, digital marketing is the most efficient option – Trialy’s service is up to eight times more efficient than ads in the newspaper.

We show ads to those who are interested in your study. That way, you never have to pay for ads that don’t deliver.

The step from a digital ad to applying to a study is lower – when a person sees your ad they’re just a click away from the application form.

Digital marketing also gives us more control over the flow of applications. If you need to slow down the recruitment during a period of time, to catch up with all the applications, we can pause the ads and then start them again when you’re ready.

Trialy is a marketing service, and can be compared to advertisement in other media channels. Usually there’s already a marketing text included in the application to the ethics review authority, and that’s the one we work with when we create your ads. Before any publication, you always get to approve the material. It’s important for us that you feel safe and in control over all communication related to your study.

For research participants

If you want to participate in a clinical trial or study, you can apply directly to one of our current studies, you can find them HERE.

If you didn’t find any studies of interest to you, you can join the Trialy Panel for research participants. Then we will keep you posted when new studies are looking for participants that match your profile.

Join the panel for Swedish studies HERE.

The panel for international studies is coming soon!

Every study that Trialy recruits participants to have been approved by the Swedish ethics review authority.

The Swedish research council says the following about safety in clinical trials:
“The safety and well-being of study participants are of the highest priority, but there’s no 100 % guarantee that it’s completely risk free to participate in a clinical trial. Even though treatments, including pharmaceuticals, that are included in the studies are investigated in many different ways, for example on animals, we can never be completely sure that humans react in the same way. Allergies in humans can for example be difficult to detect in animals. Even if the risk of something unpredictable happening that leads to an injury is small, the person in charge of a clinical trial have to have insurance to be able to compensate participants who might be affected.

More information (in Swedish) about participating in clinical trials is available HERE.

The studies on our website are conducted by research teams at different universities, hospitals or private companies. All studies have been approved by the Swedish ethics review authority

Our goal is to recruit participants to studies all over Europe. Since we don’t conduct any studies ourselves, we don’t have any control over where the studies take place. Some studies accept national recruitment but some demand that you live in a certain area. In The Trialy Panel for research participants, you can let us know which countries and cities you would be interested in participating in studies in.

The criteria for each study are decided by the research group. These criteria are not something that we can change. We understand that it can be frustrating to not be approved to the studies you apply to, and we are constantly working on increasing the amount of studies that we are recruiting to, so that everyone can find one or several studies that suits them.

When the research team makes contact with you depends on how many have applied to the study. If a lot of people have applied in short period of time, it’s possible that the researchers are a bit behind. in schedule. If you’ve been waiting for more than two weeks, please reach out to us at kontakt@trialy.se and we will remind the research team that you are waiting.

Yes, you have the right to, at any point, cancel your participation without giving a reason to your decision.

You can reach us by email or phone:
0735 08 27 54

In some studies, financial compensation are given. It can be a movie ticket or a gift card, for example. In some studies, you can get financial compensation if you’ve travelled to the site. The decision on whether or not to give financial compensation to the participants are always made by the research team and is not something that Trialy can influence.

You can read our personal data policy HERE.