Different ways to find research participants

Even if Trialy primarly uses digital ads to recruit research participants to different clinical trials, it’s not the only method we can use. In this post we will list some of the alternative recruitment methods that are available through Trialy, and how they can best be used to find the right participants to the current studies.

Digital ads
But first: Why is digital ads the first choice when Trialy recruits research participants to clinical trials? The answer is flexibility! We know that as an employee in a clinical trial, your days consist of many different tasks that require your attention. To be forced to also handle either too many applications at once or not enough applications for several days, is an unnecessary burden to add. With digital ads we can easily adjust the ads after your daily needs.

We also have the possibility to analyze the results from the ads on a daily basis, and can immediately make any necessary changes in the material. We can also make sure that people don’t see the ads too much and hence gets a negative view of the study in question. In short – digital ads means flexibility.

On the other hand, one weakness when it comes to digital ads, and especially on social media, is that not everyone uses these platforms. This is where some alternative methods to finding research participants become interesting.

Ads on the radio
We know, to advertise your study via the radio to find suitable research participants isn’t exactly the first method that comes to mind. But the fact is that Trialy has some experience in this area, and even though we were surprised, it did work very well.

Recruitment via post
If the random selection is of great importance to the study, recruitment via post is the best option. It’s a bit trickier and more expensive than digital ads, but it makes sure that the study has a high credibility score regarding recruitment. Through our sister company Enkätfabriken, we have many years of experience in handling large send outs via post in an efficient manner.

Ads in public spaces
Another method of finding research participants is to advertise in public spaces, such as shopping centers, on public transport or at the bus stop. This method works best when the recruitment to the study can be focused on a relatively small geographic area, to maximize the advertisement budget. Through QR-codes we can direct people who are interested in the study to our modern and digital platform. There they can quickly and easily apply to the study, and will be pre-screened at the same time!

Recruitment through panels
For some clinical trials it might be suitable to recruit research participants through different panels. Of course, our first choice is our own panel of research participants, which gains new members every single day. We also have access to other large panels, where we can reach the proper target group quickly.

Advertisement that we do not use
When reading about all the different ways in which we can find research participants, it’s reasonable to ask if there are any type of advertisement that Trialy choses not to use? We have decided not to use advertisement in newspapers, either in the actual paper or online. This decision is based on the fact that we know from experience that the ads rarely get a good enough result to motivate the cost of the ads. We simply prefer to use more time- and cost-efficient ways to recruit research participants.

Are you wondering what kind of recruitment method suits your study the best? Reach out to us at Trialy, and we will create a plan that matches your needs.

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