Recruiting research participants since 2015!

The history of Trialy

A cold winter day in 2015, two curious students in Lund was walking between lectures and saw a person, visibly irritated, trying to staple up posters saying “RESEARCH PARTICIPANT WANTED

“Maybe that’s something we should try”, thought the two students, and also that it looked pretty rough out there in the cold. Wouldn’t it be more comfortable to stay in the research clinic and recruit from there?

The idea of Trialy was born, and after phone calls and meetings, they learned what they had suspected: Researchers are struggling to find suitable participants for their studies, and it’s a great obstacle to overcome. At the same time, surveys showed that 4 out of 5 Sweden had a positive attitude to participating in clinical studies. Maybe there was a piece of the puzzle missing? 

Student experiment was started

In the summer of 2015, the two students Adam Hultin and Fredric Carlsson started the company “Student experiment” that focused on recruiting students to different clinical trials at the University Hospital of Skåne. Instead of posters they showed ads where the target group for the studies were looking – on social media. They used smart application forms that instantly informed the applicant if their information matched the criteria of the study or not. The customers, researchers, got access to a database filled with people who were not only interested in participating in their study, but also had been pre-screened and matched the criteria. Clear for the participant, efficient for the researcher. Pretty soon the two students realized that a lot more people than just students was interested in participating in different studies, and Student experiment became Trialy.

Trialy – Recruiting research participants

The goal for Trialy has since the start been to help research move forward, by including the society in general. Research often includes a lot of administrative extra work, and the purpose of Trialy is to minimize the administrative burden so that researcher and their staff can focus on what they do best – to research. Since the start of Trialy in 2015, more than 10 000 people have used Trialy to apply to clinical trials all over Sweden, often at one of the University Hospitals.

Trialy Enkätfabriken take-over

Since the fall of 2021, Trialy is owned by the Swedish company Enkätfabriken, and sister company to Lysio Research.