Recruiting participants to studies about common diseases: IBS

According to the Swedish public health authority, the definition of an endemic disease is “…a disease with high frequency in the public and that is deemed to have a large impact on the public health during a certain period of time.”

IBS is actually not classified as an endemic disease by the Swedish public health authority, but Mag-och tarmförbundet thinks that it should be, since 10-15 % of the adult population in Sweden are suffering from it. 

Trialy recruits
Trialy has been responsible for recruiting research participants to many different studies about IBS. For example, in one study, researchers wanted to know if specific carbohydrates have a positive or negative effect on IBS. The participants got all food sent home to them for three weeks, and therefore they had to be living in the Gothenburg-area. 

We hope that our contribution to this study makes way for new insights in the research about depression, and new knowledge on how to best handle the diagnosis. IBS have an enormous impact on many lives, and if these lives can be made just a bit easier by this research – we are more than happy with our contribution.