Recruiting participants to focus groups

Even though we are specialist in recruiting participants to clinical studies, we also have experience from recruiting participants to different social studies, such as focus groups. 

In June of 2022, we got an assignment from Nova Commerce to recruit 66 participants to eleven different focus groups that would take place during the month. The focus groups were about the political system in Sweden and each group was estimated to last around 90 minutes. The focus groups were completely digital, so people from all over Sweden could participate.

Nova Commerce wished that the groups composition would differ, for example that some groups would only include women. We recruited all the participants in accordance with the customers wishes. 

We also handled the booking of each participant to the different occasions, as well as the contact with the participants both before and after each focus group. We also called each participant for confirmation, and sent out reminders via text message to all the participants.

Despite the short time frame, we managed to recruit all participants as planned, an all eleven focus groups could take place between the 14th and 19th of June. Several participants expressed that they were happy to have participated, and Nova Commerce says the following about the cooperation with us:

“Very quick and good responses. Clear, easy and flexible. It’s clear that you really cared about this project going well.”