Recruiting healthy research participants

Often, clinical trials are about specific diseases or diagnosis, such as the common diseases diabetes, mental illness, IBS or COPD. The participants in those studies usually have to have the specific condition to match the criteria of the study. But there are also studies that are looking for completely healthy participants. 

Trialy recruits
Trialy is currently recruiting healthy participant to a large study conducted by researchers at Lund University and Region Skåne. In the study, the researchers want to know if you can lower the risk for diabetes simply by increasing your daily intake of water. So, for the study, they are looking for completely healthy participants, who drink no more than 2000 ml/day. 

Demands for healthy participants
But even for completely healthy participants there are certain criteria that has to be met. As in most clinical trials, you cannot be pregnant or breast-feeding. You also can’t have heart failure or reduced kidney function.

The participants in this study also can’t use antidepressants. And despite the study being about diabetes, the participants can’t actually have insulin-treated diabetes. Diabetes that’s not treated with insulin is OK.


To participate in this study you have to be fluent in Swedish. If you are, please change the language of the website to swedish to be able to apply to all our current studies.

Are you looking for research participants?
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