How Trialy recruits research participants

80-85 % of all clinical trials fail to meet their deadline, and flaws in the recruitment process is the most common reason. At the same time, the administrative demands on researchers are increasing. Trialy offers a flexible and easy recruitment process, without time consuming additional tasks or administrative hassle. This is what we do to make that happen:

Trialy matches suitable candidates to the right clinical trial

The digital recruitment process of Trialy can be described in three steps:

  • We reach the target group of the study
  • We match each applicant to the criteria of the study
  • We present participants that match the criteria and can be included in the study

Smart and digital marketing

Trialy make sure the knowledge of new studies reaches the most people, through the social media channels they use the most. We have several years of experience of marketing on digital platforms and have a well established way of working when it comes to clinical trials. Through our digital ads and tools we can quickly reach the target group that matches the study. 

Why you should use digital marketing

Today, more than 90 % of all Swedes use social media, and each year more and more organizations and companies re-direct funds from traditional to digital media. And there are good reasons for that – research groups that have used Trialy estimated that our service is 8 times more cost effective compared to the ads in newspaper they used to pay for. 

Because of our screening process, our customers can rest assure that the applicants that is matched with their study truly agrees with the demands of the study, which saves valuable time. We also have the possibility to offer a representative group based on demographic or health-related data.