The Trialy panel for research participants

To contribute to progress in science is something that most people would likely be happy to do. To be part of a new treatment taking form, in new discoveries being made around different diseases or to help us better understand health in general is both important and valuable.

What we think stands in the way for many people to join clinical trails is simply that they don’t know how to go about it. And even if they know that it’s possible to apply to different studies, the next issue is to keep updated and remember to apply when the studies are looking for participants.

Trialy wants to make it easier for people to be a part of clinical trials, and therefore we are very excited to present: The Trialy Panel!

In our panel for research participants, the participants answer questions about their health and way of life, and get instant updates when new studies are looking for participants that match their profile. The panel is also for people who are completely healthy – many studies are looking for healthy people to control groups or to study different things than specific diseases. 

As a member in The Trialy Panel you no longer need to keep track of the current studies, you can rely on Trialy giving you a head’s up when a suitable study is available. 

Join The Trialy Panel for research participants HERE.

Please note that The Trialy Panel is currently only available in Swedish. Soon we will launch an English version of the panel, where people who live outside of Sweden can register. 

Thank you for your contribution to science!