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All research projects are different. Therefore, we are always adapting our recruitment projects according to your needs. This way, we help researchers achieve their goals without spending an unproportional amount on advertisments. Here’s how it’s done:


We gather information on your study and create a study-specific landing page with pre-screened submission forms. 


We advertise your study in suitable channels and filter out participants that are motivated to participate and meet study criteria.

You are able to contact study-ready participants through a secure database. From there, you can easily contact the candidates and enroll them to the trial. 


We help researchers every day

Since 2015 we have worked hard to simplify recruitment in clinical research, and have collaborated with trials all across Sweden.

Data security is important to us

We work actively for the protection of personal data and to ensure our processes are compliant with GDPR.

Fanny Ekström
Project manager

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