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A representative selection of research subjects is of great importance to any researcher. This, however, is sadly not always achieved. For instance, 7/10 participants in psychological research studies are psychology students themselves. Consequently, we strive to increase the representativity of participant selection and increase the diversity of the research subjects. This is done to ensure that your participant selection is representative of the real world, thus making for more reliable research findings.
Data Protection
Trialy is an SSL-certified service, meaning that it fulfills the demands of security in upholding an encrypted website. In addition, Trialy protects all data concerning research participants. The information is kept safe from any third party through encryption.
We take the responsibilities of maintaining the privacy of our users very seriously. This applies to research data, as well as to personal integrity. Therefore, all of our data management is compliant with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). Safe for you, safe for your research subjects.

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