Getting started with Trialy

How does Research Work?

All research projects are different. To make sure you get what you need, without paying extra for it, we always try to customize our service to your needs. Here’s how it works.

Understanding the project

We start all collaborations with information gathering. This way, we can decide if our services suit your needs. This also allows us to structure the recruitment process and calculate a price your project.

Project proposal

We work project-based. This means we estimate how many submissions will be necessary in order to supply you with enough participants for your study, and offer you a time window and price. In contrast to traditional advertisement, where the only guarantee is that some number of people will view your ad, Trialy only charges for the people that signs up for your study and fulfills criteria to participate.


When the project proposal is approved we create advertisement material based on your preferences. We initiate the advertisement, and you can access the data of people that signed up for your study via a provided secure log-in. Then, you make contact them according to the study’s protocol.

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