Common Question

Common Questions

Here’s a collection of questions we often receive from
researchers and sponsors
Trialy is a service that provides all the necessary
components for the recruitment stage of a research
study. We divide this process into three simple steps!

  1. Through the use of advertisements on,
    search engines and different social media platforms,
    we are able to reach your target group and create
    participant interest and involvement in your study.
  2. We use smart entry forms to gather participant
    applications. Using an algorith, we then screen the
    list of potential participants in order to find and
    select those most suited to be a part of your
    research studie.
  3. You will be given access to a secure database, where
    you will find the contact details of all potential
    participants that have met your requirements and
    signed up to be a part of your research study. All
    that’s left for you to do, is to make the
Trialy provides a service that is aimed at anyone who is
conducting any kind of research, and finds themselves in
need of test subjects or patients. We have handled the
recruitment of university level research studies on
psychology and diet, as well as medically sponsored
clinical studies. The organizational role of the person
contacting us varies a great deal. We may engage in
dialogue with a research nurse, who seeks new ways of
managing recruitment. We may also be in contact with a
unit director, who is concerned by the prospect of a
failed recruitment phase and the problems it could
present their clinic or company with.
Currently we’re only operating in Sweden. If you are interested in our services and run a project in another country, you are still welcome with a request.

We will handle the most demanding part of the
recruitment phase – reaching the patients,
participants or test subjects.

We structure the recruitment process, which
makes for smoother and easier planning and resource
management. It also drastically reduces the risk of
missed deadlines and delayed publications.

We provide advice on issues of recruitment and
communication regarding the research subjects and
patients of research studies.

Trialy AB is founded by Adam Hultin, Sweden. We have a
varied network of consultants at our disposal and have
received financial backing from Lund University
We advertise your research study using search engines
and different social media platforms. Google, Facebook
and their respective networks are featured most
frequently, but we adjust the channels used in our
advertising according to your needs and the target
audience you are trying to reach. In addition to this,
we also use our own channels for advertising. With this
level of variation we are able to ensure that your
participant quotas are filled, which is why our service
offers a guarantee of results – you pay, when we
Each year, corporations and organizations relocate
increasing amounts of their advertising resources from
traditional to digital media platforms. If your goal is
to recruit test subjects, digital advertising is by far
the most effective alternative. Trialy is up to 8 times
more cost effective than journal advertising.

  • Our advertisements are only showed to those
    interested in your study, which means you won’t be
    paying for advertisements that do not generate
  • The gap between the seeing an advertisement and
    signing up to be a part of the research study is far
    smaller. When a user sees the advertisement for your
    study, they are just a click away from an entry
  • The possibilities of directing the flow of patients
    and test subjects are increased. Should you
    temporarily be unable to handle the flow of test
    participants, we are able to pause the advertising,
    to then resume it when you are ready once more.
What is GDPR and how does it affect recruitment? The
General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) was taken into
effect on the 25th of May, 2018. It presented a
hightened level of responsibility for organizations and
companies who handle data. Trialy is a GDPR-compliant
service, which means, among other things, that we use
clear and informed consent, encrypt all sensitive data
and that we have a transparent policy of privacy. Should
you have any questions regarding our compliance with
GDPR within specific areas, or how your recruitment
should be adapted the the regulations in place, do not
hesitate to contact us!
Trialy has seperate confidentiality agreements in place
with our users. These are not connected to the
arrangements made between research subject and research
group. Therefore, we are not included in the
confidential arrangements between research subject and
research group, which means that we do not take part in
any information regarding who is, or is not, chosen to
take part in your study. Our job is to deliver a
comprehensive list of test participants who are willing
to take part in your study, whereupon we leave the
research to you!
Can’t find an answer to your question? Send it here, and
we’ll get back to you as soon as possible.

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