Case – Covid-19

Recruitment of participants with a specific daily water intake

Project: Recruitment of healthy participants recovered from Covid-19
Target group: Healthy participants who prior to participation had tested positive or Covid-19
Geographical Area: Stockholm, Sweden
Time period: December 2020- January 2021
Client: Karolinska Institute, EIT Health, WeFightCovid

Trialy recruited participants for a EU sponsored project in collaboration with EIT Health,  Karolinska Institutet and WeFightCovid. The purpose of the  study was to collect blood samples for evaluating serological tests for Covid-19.  The recruitment was carried out in the month of Decembre 2020, enrolling healthy participants within the Stockholm area that had prior to participation tested positive for Covid-19.


Trialy initiated the collaboration with the Covid-19 project at a late stage of the recruitment phase, where the researchers needed to include a large group of participants by the end of the month. During the month of Decembre, Trialy speeded up the recruitment process specifically targeting people living in Stockholm that had recovered from Covid-19. At the end of the month, Trialy succeeded to match hundreds of eligible study participants which later enrolled in the research study.


Due to the short recruitment time period, Trialy demonstrated the effectiveness of customized digital advertising , reaching a huge audience of eligible participants within less than a month. A recruitment which otherwise would have been time-consuming was accelerated by smart digital advertising and ads that specifically targeted the audience eligible for the study criteria.


Ulrika Zagai, project manager for the Covid-19 research study, describes her experience of using Trialy:

Our ads quickly reached 16 000 potential candidates.

Trialy filtered out 53% of candidates, saving the research group valuable time. 

rekrytering av forskningspersoner

Adam Hultin
Project manager

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A recruitment process that works

Trialy connects clinical trials with pre-screened and matched study participants.


Clinical research Nurse
" A servcice that really matches our needs! Much more efficient than advertisments in the newspaper!"

Logga lunds universitet


Clinical research Nurse
"Always a smooth collaboration. We have saved a lot of time and the recruitment has succeeded beyond our expectations!"

Logga lunds universitet


Student & Study participant
"An easy way to contribute to research and at the same time make some difference!"

How we help researchers on a day-to-day basis

Since 2015, we have worked continuously to simplify the recruitment phase for clinical research and has carried out a variety of projects all across Sweden.

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About us

About Trialy

Trialy AB is a company based in Gothenburg, Sweden. We provide services to research clinics and clinical sponsors assisting in finding and matching eligible research candidates for clinical trials. 

Since the launch in 2015, we have provided our services to research groups all across Sweden. We have collaborated with a variety of research projects and have gained a lot of knowledge on how to recruit candidates in the most efficient way.


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Adam Hultin
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Project Manager

Fanny Ekström
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Case – Diabetes

Recruitment of participants with a specific daily water intake

Project: Water consumption and reduced risk for diabetes
Target group: People with low water consumption
Geographical Area: Skane County, Sweden
Time period: 2018 – on going
Client: Clinical Research Department, Malmö & Lund University

Trialy has since 2018 collaborated with a clinical trial within Lund University investigating whether higher water consumption can reduce the risk for diabetes. In the trial, researchers were looking for participants in ages 20-75 years old living in Skåne, with a daily low water consumption. The visits were made at the Clinical Research Department in Malmö. 


With targeted digital advertisement, Trialy quickly researched the study’s target group within the Skane area. Ads are mainly targeted on social media, and has so far reached over 300 000 people. Candidates are “pre-screened”, in other words sorted between matching and non-matching. Candidates are instantly notified on whether they can participate in the trial or not.


During the collaboration Trialy has contributed to an increased and stabilized recruitment of research candidates. Though continuous communication between the research group and Trialy’s project manager and analytics we have made sure that candidates are signing up in a pace that matches the resources of the clinical. The research group is also mentioning a wider representation of candidates as a benefit of using Trialy’s services.


Our ads reached 300 000 potential study participants.

72% passed the filter as matching candidates.

rekrytering av forskningspersoner

Adam Hultin
Project manager

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Case – IBS

Rekrytering av personer med särskilt vätskeintag till studie om diabetes

Projekt: Recruitment of participants with IBS
Target group: Participants with IBS, depression and/or fibromyalgia
Geographical site: Gothenburg, Sweden
Recruitment period: 2019 – Ongoing
Organisation: Västa Götaland Region, Sahlgrenska University Hospital

Since 2019 Trialy has collaborated with several clinical trials within Sahlgrenska University Hospital that examine how different treatments might relieve IBS symptoms. The study enrolls  people with diagnosed IBS in the Gothenburg area.


Using a customized digital advertising strategy Trialy’s ads has reached over 300.000 people within the Gothenburg area, pre-screening and matching participants with IBS that are eligible according to the clinical trial protocol.


For the research team, the collaboration has contributed to an increased sample of study participants and a more effective recruitment process.  Trialy has broadened the representative sample by using targeted geographical advertising tools, offering a variety of study participants that enroll in the study. The project has eased the administrative burden for the research team, who with the help of Trialy has saved time on sorting non-eligible participants to instead having time to focus on the research itself.


Stine Störsrud, responsible for the clinical trials at Sahlgrenska universitetssjukhuset, describes how Trialy’s contribution has helped the research during the recruitment phase:

Our ads reached over 300 000 potential candidates

Adam Hultin

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For researchers

Getting started with Trialy


All research projects are different. Therefore, we are always adapting our recruitment projects according to your needs. This way, we help researchers achieve their goals without spending an unproportional amount on advertisments. Here’s how it’s done:


We gather information on your study and create a study-specific landing page with pre-screened submission forms. 


We advertise your study in suitable channels and filter out participants that are motivated to participate and meet study criteria.

You are able to contact study-ready participants through a secure database. From there, you can easily contact the candidates and enroll them to the trial. 


We help researchers every day

Since 2015 we have worked hard to simplify recruitment in clinical research, and have collaborated with trials all across Sweden.

Data security is important to us

We work actively for the protection of personal data and to ensure our processes are compliant with GDPR.

Fanny Ekström
Project manager

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