Case – IBS

Rekrytering av personer med särskilt vätskeintag till studie om diabetes

Projekt: Recruitment of participants with IBS
Target group: Participants with IBS, depression and/or fibromyalgia
Geographical site: Gothenburg, Sweden
Recruitment period: 2019 – Ongoing
Organisation: Västa Götaland Region, Sahlgrenska University Hospital

Since 2019 Trialy has collaborated with several clinical trials within Sahlgrenska University Hospital that examine how different treatments might relieve IBS symptoms. The study enrolls  people with diagnosed IBS in the Gothenburg area.


Using a customized digital advertising strategy Trialy’s ads has reached over 300.000 people within the Gothenburg area, pre-screening and matching participants with IBS that are eligible according to the clinical trial protocol.


For the research team, the collaboration has contributed to an increased sample of study participants and a more effective recruitment process.  Trialy has broadened the representative sample by using targeted geographical advertising tools, offering a variety of study participants that enroll in the study. The project has eased the administrative burden for the research team, who with the help of Trialy has saved time on sorting non-eligible participants to instead having time to focus on the research itself.


Stine Störsrud, responsible for the clinical trials at Sahlgrenska universitetssjukhuset, describes how Trialy’s contribution has helped the research during the recruitment phase:

Our ads reached over 300 000 potential candidates

Adam Hultin

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