Case – Diabetes

Recruitment of participants with a specific daily water intake

Project: Water consumption and reduced risk for diabetes
Target group: People with low water consumption
Geographical Area: Skane County, Sweden
Time period: 2018 – on going
Client: Clinical Research Department, Malmö & Lund University

Trialy has since 2018 collaborated with a clinical trial within Lund University investigating whether higher water consumption can reduce the risk for diabetes. In the trial, researchers were looking for participants in ages 20-75 years old living in Skåne, with a daily low water consumption. The visits were made at the Clinical Research Department in Malmö. 


With targeted digital advertisement, Trialy quickly researched the study’s target group within the Skane area. Ads are mainly targeted on social media, and has so far reached over 300 000 people. Candidates are “pre-screened”, in other words sorted between matching and non-matching. Candidates are instantly notified on whether they can participate in the trial or not.


During the collaboration Trialy has contributed to an increased and stabilized recruitment of research candidates. Though continuous communication between the research group and Trialy’s project manager and analytics we have made sure that candidates are signing up in a pace that matches the resources of the clinical. The research group is also mentioning a wider representation of candidates as a benefit of using Trialy’s services.


Our ads reached 300 000 potential study participants.

72% passed the filter as matching candidates.

rekrytering av forskningspersoner

Adam Hultin
Project manager

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