Case – Covid-19

Recruitment of participants with a specific daily water intake

Project: Recruitment of healthy participants recovered from Covid-19
Target group: Healthy participants who prior to participation had tested positive or Covid-19
Geographical Area: Stockholm, Sweden
Time period: December 2020- January 2021
Client: Karolinska Institute, EIT Health, WeFightCovid

Trialy recruited participants for a EU sponsored project in collaboration with EIT Health,  Karolinska Institutet and WeFightCovid. The purpose of the  study was to collect blood samples for evaluating serological tests for Covid-19.  The recruitment was carried out in the month of Decembre 2020, enrolling healthy participants within the Stockholm area that had prior to participation tested positive for Covid-19.


Trialy initiated the collaboration with the Covid-19 project at a late stage of the recruitment phase, where the researchers needed to include a large group of participants by the end of the month. During the month of Decembre, Trialy speeded up the recruitment process specifically targeting people living in Stockholm that had recovered from Covid-19. At the end of the month, Trialy succeeded to match hundreds of eligible study participants which later enrolled in the research study.


Due to the short recruitment time period, Trialy demonstrated the effectiveness of customized digital advertising , reaching a huge audience of eligible participants within less than a month. A recruitment which otherwise would have been time-consuming was accelerated by smart digital advertising and ads that specifically targeted the audience eligible for the study criteria.


Ulrika Zagai, project manager for the Covid-19 research study, describes her experience of using Trialy:

Our ads quickly reached 16 000 potential candidates.

Trialy filtered out 53% of candidates, saving the research group valuable time. 

rekrytering av forskningspersoner

Adam Hultin
Project manager

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